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Malibu Woman’s Club, Nurturing Leaders of Tomorrow, annually awards Malibu students in fifth, eighth, and twelfth grades for outstanding work. For academics, community service, and noteworthy participation in areas of their interest—and this year we've added a creative project—we give scholarships to high school seniors who attend our local high school or one of the private schools in the surrounding area. The 2021 fifth grade creative project was so successful, as evinced on this website, that we have made creativity our challenge. For 2022, we invite the students in all three grades to submit a convincing educational campaign about drought and water to help focus the attention of the entire community.

We have found that students benefit from recognition by our community for their achievements. Even though some encounter chronic illness, handicaps, or family crises, still they achieve excellence. Many tell us years after how much it meant to them to be recognized and honored.

For six decades, Malibu Woman’s Club members have raised funds, served on reading committees, and donated for the sake of the students of our community. We get continual feedback that many of our recipients continue to prize our recognition as a milestone in their self-esteem and development. Our sole purpose is to reward outstanding achievements by Malibu students. The City of Malibu supports our efforts with a generous donation. As we raise money for these annual scholarships, would be honored to have Malibu businesses join in support of our worthy pursuits. Those who donate can apply our 501 (c) (3) designation. Federal Tax ID #95-6111663

2021 High School Senior Scholarship Awards: **Graduating Seniors of Malibu**

BRILLIANT, TALENTED, GENEROUS, AND HANDSOME: In May 2021, Malibu Woman’s Club awarded annual $1000 scholarships to 11 Malibu graduating seniors for their academic achievement, school participation, and community service. This year the recipients attended Malibu High School and Viewpoint School. Considered only by number and selected out of a field of outstanding applicants, these young people exhibit excellence in many endeavors. They inspire us to approach the future with optimism. They are all exemplary.

Top Row (L to R): Francesca "Frannie" Cloete, Ava Bradley, Ava Ray, Daria Shcherbatykh, Emma Sudmann

Second Row: Alexander Sudmann, Hamish Buran, Maggie Flores, Madison Smith, Teage Johnson, Trinity Drummond

2021 Malibu Middle School Eighth Grade Poetry Contest Awards

The Malibu Woman’s Club sponsored a Poetry Contest, and all eighth graders in Mrs. Katy Lapajne's class participated.

There are two categories: individual and group. Students may submit poems they write on their own, or students may submit poems written in partners/ groups.
The theme this year is “Belonging.” People feel a need to belong: to a family, a group of friends, school, club, religious group, team, or perhaps with others who share a special interest or cause they feel strongly about.
Write about where you belong or where you wish you belonged.

Winners are (in the order of First Place, Second Place, Honorable Mention) :
Period 2: Maya Guzman, Irina Columbeanu, Riley Hill
Period 3: Hank Norby, Coco Boling & Emma Yoffe
Period 4: Delaney Holliman, Abby Keisler
Period 5: Chloe Loquet, Jude Cupp, Logan Epstein, Ava Bernstein & Isabel Morriss
Period 6: Gigi Quartararo, Kylie Epstein & Mackenzie Walser

2021 Fifth Grade Contest Awards

Top Row (L to R): Ava Behr, Gia Baranick, Violet Rae Keenan, Sophie Falvai, Roux Bee Sanders, Grace Drobny, Freyja Jacobsen, Apar Kaur, Lily Folkerts, Rivington Baldwin

Second Row: Alex Rostampor, Jake Uznis, Natalia Diaz, Finlay Wells, Emerson Brady, Parker Kaplan

Malibu Woman’s Club encourages Malibu fifth graders to continue their good work in an essay contest contest. We designate the topic to the teachers, who oversee the children’s writing in their classrooms. After presenting the first- and second-place winners from each class a certificate and a check at the annual luncheon, we listen to them read their creative and charming essays. We note that a few years later, some of the winners return to receive a senior scholarship.

From Malibu Elementary, Our Lady of Malibu, and Webster Elementary Schools, children in each fifth grade class wrote their essays in school. Malibu Woman’s Club Committee members selected from over two hundred submissions a first and second prize in each Malibu fifth grade class. Identified only by number during the judging process, the winners each received $150 and the second places $100.

Fifth Grade Chair Pam Feldsted

This year is very different from our traditional, annual 5th Grade Essay Contest.


Wildfires have recently become a major problem for the residents of Malibu. Many people have lost their homes and we need to convince our city residents to take action so that more devastating fires are prevented.

The Malibu Woman’s Club invites all 5th grade students to develop a fire prevention campaign.

First, choose a Malibu chaparral, forest or scrub animal as a mascot for your campaign.

Next, choose your media. You can use any method to communicate your idea: Write an essay (2 typewritten pages or less) , poem, play, story, cartoon, or develop a poster, Public Service Announcement video with a time limit of one minute, board game, T shirt, coloring book, sculpture, flag, claymation, photography or any form of artistic expression that is most comfortable for you. If you cannot obtain poster board for your campaign, please inform your teacher.

You must persuade your audience to do something to prevent wildfires. Using the honor system, all work must be done by students without adult assistance.

Sparky the Raccoon

"Sparky the Raccoon" by Roux Bee Sanders, First Place, Our Lady of Malibu School

Lily the Mouse

"Lily the Mouse" by Grace Drobny, Second Place, Our Lady of Malibu School

Stinky the Skunk

"Stinky the Skunk" by Finlay Wells, Honorable Mention, Our Lady of Malibu School

Ash the Owl

"An Important Message from Ash the Owl" by Freyja Jacobsen, First Place, Ms. Kristina London's class, Webster Elementary

Skyler the Screech Owl

Skyler the Screech Owl "Clear the Brush: Save Environment. Save Community. Save Lives." poster, Lily Folkerts, First Place, Ms. Kelly Morris' class, Webster Elementary

Hi, I am Skyler the screech owl and I like flying over the Santa Monica Mountains.

About two years ago I saw frightening flames covering the mountains and hills in Malibu. I know it was a scary time for you, too.

I want to share some easy ways to protect your home...OUR home. (See poster)
By following these steps and clearing the brush, you will make the fire hush.

Also, let’s not forget to say thank you to our local Malibu Los Angeles County Fire Department Stations 70, 71, 88, and 99. Thank you!

Let’s work together, Malibu!

GOpher It!

"GOpher It!" poster by Ava Behr, First Place, Ms. Nancy Levy's class, Malibu Elementary

A mule deer and consequences from a fire

"A Mule Deer and Consequences from a Fire" film by Violet Rae Keenan, First Place, Ms. Jill Matthews class, Malibu Elementary


"FIRE SAFTEY" poster by Rivington Baldwin, Second Place, Ms. Kelly Morris' class, Webster Elementary

Essay on Fire Prevention by Gia Baranick, Second Place, Ms. Nancy Levy's class, Malibu Elementary

Original Essay here

Two years ago Malibu suffered a massive wildfire called The Woolsey Fire. It burned 97 thousand acres. People were forced out of their homes and many found that they did not have a home to return to. My best friends are still unable to return. Luckily, my family got to go back to our house after 29 days of staying in hotels. I know for a fact that I never want to experience something like that again. We all need to help prevent wildfires. We can truly make a difference and stop fires before they start. So, please join me in this cause.
Causes of some fires
There are many wildfires in California. Some fires are caused by cigarettes/cigars being thrown out of cars or chucked in the middle of nowhere. So for people that smoke and litter, you need to stop. It is bad for the environment and good to start fires. 95% of wildfires in California are caused by humans.
Help yourself and others
If you stop smoking, it's a win, win. Smoking causes unhealthy lungs and fires. So if you stop, you can help prevent wildfires happening and your lungs won’t turn black and start to disintegrate. It may be hard to give up, but if you give it up your life will be longer and healthier.
Help animals
When fires happen, some caused by cigarettes/cigars, animals are also affected. They too are forced to leave their homes. Not all of them survive. For example, a coyote has cubs, but they are trapped around fire and their mom is unable to get to them. She has no choice but to run away and try to survive, leaving her cubs to die. Their homes burn too, they have to run and run to save themselves from the fire. The fire destroys their homes causing them to relocate. So, help animals by banning yourself from smoking and littering your cigarette/cigar.
My Mascot
I chose a Coyote for my mascot. They are deeply affected by wildfires. My mascot encourages you to be smart for your own safety and the safety of our environment.

My mascot can be featured on T-shirts that can be sold outside of schools and at local sporting events. All profits will be donated to the local fire department. My T-shirts will look like this:

In conclusion, I hope all of you that have read this will stop smoking. I also hope that you will protect yourself, others and animals from wildfires. We are just as strong as wildfires, we are Malibu Strong, so everyone do your part and help prevent wildfires. Thank you for reading.

Falco the Falcon

"Falco the Falcon" Fire Prevention PowerPoint by Alex Rostampor, Honorable Mention, Ms. Nancy Levy's class, Malibu Elementary

Brotye the Coyote

"Brotye the Coyote" poster by Jake Uznis, Honorable Mention, Ms. Nancy Levy's class, Malibu Elementary

Cody the Coyote

"Cody the Coyote" Storyboard by Sophie Falvai, Second Place, Ms. Jill Matthews' class, Malibu Elementary

Claymation of Forest Fire and Wildlife

Claymation Slideshow of Forest Fire and Wildlife by Natalia Diaz, Honorable Mention, Ms. Jill Matthews' class, Malibu Elementary

Wildfire Prevention

Wildfire Prevention video by Apar Kaur, Second Place, Ms. Kristina London's class, Webster Elementary

Wild fire prevention campaign

"Wild fire prevention campaign" by Parker Kaplan, Honorable Mention, Ms. Kristina London's class, Webster Elementary

Screeching Loud Is Not Enough

Howly the Hawk for the poem "Screeching Loud Is Not Enough" by Emerson Brady, Honorable Mention, Ms. Kelly Morris' class, Webster Elementary

Screeching Loud Is Not Enough
My name is Howley Hawk and my job makes me very proud.
In times of emergencies, I screech warnings that are really loud.
What helps me is my high flying and my view.
I become more alert when I see something strange and new.
When I feel that danger is coming my way,
I fly toward it with speed as if it were prey.
My goal is to see what’s true so we can cope.
Yes, humans have again created fire and smoke.
As fast as I can fly, I scream all the way.
If my screams are not heard, our entire world will pay.
I’ve already lost both family and friend.
We wish human mistakes would come to an end.
My terror rises as I see my home as it burns.
And helplessly look down as the animals take wrong turns.
I screech, “NO!” “GO THAT WAY!” “TURN AROUND!” “GO BACK!”
But, their fear causes panic from another attack.
As I cry and I cry and watch in despair,
I still hope that some humans will care.
Too often, they have caused our destruction and pain.
Will humans stop this from happening again?
Humans seem good, some cry just like me.
Why don’t they use their power to do more than see.
We animals keep hoping that humans will change.
As we try to return to a home that is strange.
Just like my screeches, human sounds alone can’t save all.
They must do more than just hear our frantic call.
So I beg you to help us with more than just talk.
Please take action and walk where we walk.
As I fly over hot blackened branches and flaming trees,
Please help save all us animals, bushes and leaves.
I know some human homes and lives are taken by fire.
Shouldn’t this make solving the problem more dire? (Drawing attached)

Help To Nurture Our Malibu Leaders Of Tomorrow

Our brilliant young people are depending on your generosity to the MWC scholarship program. The value of your gifts is deductible as a 501 (c) (3) charitable contribution.
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